Hi and welcome to the space where fashion and style meets confidence! Since you are here I want to say a huge thanks for visiting my website and of course, to introduce myself. So hi, I am Victoria… and Hurricane… Well, because I have a natural talent to turn the house upside down in less than 5 minutes when I am running 10 minutes behind. Which literally is every single morning (sigh). You can watch all my funny and not so funny stories on Instagram daily @fashionhurricanebyv.

I always had a thing for fashion, but somehow never found enough confidence to do something about it. So I enrolled myself to the fashion styling course and that gave me a enough reasoning to start my blog. As I have an uncontrollable need to share latest trends, fashion news and help people (who ask) to pick their clothing already… It all just make sense!

I find it hard to define Fashion Hurricane as of yet. And to be fair, I do not really want to. So many things in my life had been defined from the get go and now it is time to leave myself some space to just let things develop in the process. Hope you enjoy the space – where I talk about fashion, beauty, studies and everything else!

In the meantime, do not forget to be your own fashion hurricane!

See you around x Victoria

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