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I used Vitamin C skincare for one month

As a complete Vitamin C skincare virgin, when I first saw marketing campaigns on Instagram about Vitamin C paste, I was in different. I do enjoy finding inspiration on social media, which is getting better and better these days. But I am staying extra cautious, especially about new skincare products. In the end, bad products can bring more harm than…
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The Best Face Moisturisers On My Books

Since majority of us are stuck at home with central heating and questionable ventilation nowadays, looking after the skin quickly became even more important thing to do. Good face moisturisers are probably the most important part of my skincare regime. And so, I keep my eyes peeled for something new and exciting to improve the routine. It is a rare…
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Best Luxury fashion aftercare in London

After my countless searches on Google “where to clean MaxMara teddy bear coat” which have brought back 0 useful results I felt a bit confused. I thought to myself – is no one else cleaning their valuable items anymore? Did we become one time wear society and toss our clothes after one season? Well, I have no answer, because I…
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Things I wear now

zara brown trousers
X Tabitha Simmons bow floral-print satin mules
Wire ring
Zara oversized shirt
Tweed Jacket
KM cardi
HM coat
Smile Bracelet
Dior Saddle bag
Satin Blazer
Celine sunglases
Caroline Constas
Valentino beige pumps
Levis jeans

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