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5 steps to get your wardrobe ready for a new season!

Like with the every season change, new fashion pieces are up into the stores and the temptation to splurge is building up inappropriately. But let’s not rush and buy another 100 things we are not going to wear. Choose wisely and wear it more than once. Organise and re-review your wardrobe first! Sustainable fashion talks are reaching wider audience this…


LFW Insiders – my experience

London Fashion Week aka LFW is the major event every fashionista is aspired to attend, obviously not everyone is invited. For years it has been designed exclusively for industry and press to have a first sneak peak into what we will be wearing next season. And us mortals can then watch it online or read about it in the magazines,…


Perfect way to shop for Chanel perfumes

Personally, I always always enjoy buying new perfume in the different locations or the airports! In fact, I intentionally forget my perfume at home, so I would need one just before boarding the plane to make my dream holiday even more dreamy! But there must be something about it saying – buy me, buy me now, you crazy woman!!! Situation,…


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