How To Choose Winter Coat, You’ll Want To Wear Forever

How To Choose Winter Coat, You’ll Want To Wear Forever

Whilst my favourite winter outwear have not got much action last year, I surely caught up with it this winter. So many brands made a great effort in the coats department, that I’ve updated my wardrobe with some classic winter coats that I am planning to wear for much longer than just one season.

Admittedly, Fall Winter collections always spark my interest in shoe and outwear department more than anywhere else. Even though I spend quite a lot of time indoors, because well, its cold, I want to look my best outdoors too. Whether it is going shopping, popping down to the pub for a drink or taking a walk in the park, lets face it, I would be wearing a coat. So it has to be a good one.

In a perfect world it would be nice to buy a bunch of new winter coats every season, but the best way is to build your coat wardrobe over time. If you choose well made, quality pieces, they will last you longer and allow you time in between the season shopping.

The Black Coat

Everyone would say if you are buying only one coat it should be in black colour, because Black Classic Coat goes with everything. And it is true, but I’d say – make sure you are going for the latest shape if you want to be a la mode. At the moment, oversized and snug silhouettes are fashionistas go to and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere. If anything they are getting bigger as we speak. I would even advise going one size up to make sure there is enough space for all the layering.

The Camel Coat

Another forever classic. If your wardrobe is filled with a lot of neutrals and you hardly wear any colour, Camel winter coat can work just as good as a black coat, in my opinion. And have I mentioned, that it goes absolutely fantastic with denim. When I purchased my brown Maxmara’s Teddy Coat four years back, I wore it non-stop. And I even forgot about the Black coat existence for a good few years. My all time favourite look is brown/camel coat pared with classic black and white outfit and accessories. It can’t get more chic than that. This year I have added long leather gloves to the ensemble and swapped my Teddy for my current favourite John coat from The Frankie Shop. It is very generously oversized, so I wouldn’t advise sizing up on this particular model.

The White Coat

This winter coat might come across as most unpractical of all. But having bought one myself this year, I can say – it isn’t that much different. Obviously, I am being a bit more careful with take away coffee, but other than that it works perfectly fine. I particularly like dressing it down and wearing with more casual outfits. However, it does look fantastic paired with black or white silk suiting.

The Colour Coat

Although, I didn’t get myself one this year, it is definitely on my books for the next winter. As I’ve never owed a colourful outwear before, it would be a nice addition to mix things up a little. However, it is not to say that colourful coat cannot work as hard as the neutral tone ones. Some of us wear colour like it is most effortless thing in the world. The most important thing is to stick to the colour that you know. But if you are just like me looking for that special colourful coat to bring more colour into your wardrobe, I’d one hundred percent would go for green.

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