How to fall in love with your old blazer again? – Belt it!

Blazer has been my daily essential for years now, and I can hardly think of any other piece of clothing that I use so often. I like my clothes to last and I look after them, but I do get bored of the same item after couple of seasons. And just before I put my brown blazer into the “sell on Vinted” pile, I tried it on with every belt I have and changed my mind!

It isn’t breaking news, the idea to wear a belt over a blazer was always out there, but the variety of belts on offer is better than ever these days. So instead of buying another new blazer it is a great opportunity to refresh belt collection instead. It’s the item that can bring major update to the basic wardrobe and enhance so many outfits. Same belt can cater for dresses, shorts, trousers even a coat! Below are some favourite belts that caught my attention and some favourite picks on the market.

The Brown Belt

Obvious choice, since I am wearing one. However, aside from being a great fit for the similar shade clothing (read about monochromatic look here), it is also a perfection over the white jeans or dress in summertime.  

The White belt

White bags, white shoes why not to add belt to the group? It is polished and crisp, it is a neutral colour and works with everything (especially with pastels and other neutral colours). I could have worn it with this outfit, but don’t have one yet. Literally a strong buy.

Chain belt

If there is one accessory that can complete the outfit, it is a chain belt! Forget necklaces, bracelets and big earrings. This belt needs no help – put it on and you are ready to go. I am planning to wear it over the dresses this summer. And I cannot stress enough how much I like it being worn with the trousers or jeans.

Favourites from high street

Reiss chain belt
zara belt
white mango belt
sandro white belt
Mango white belt
Brown Sandro Belt
Mango Belt
Reiss Belt

Favourites from high-end

Slim belt

I saw it first on Bottega Veneta suits and instantly felt for it. It creates fresh, understated look comparing to the wider belts that are usually worn over the blazers. I find it to be a perfect match for the looks that emphasise chunky jewellery, statement bags or shoes. Slim belt helps to achieve that clean look without overcrowding middle part of the body, but keeps the waistline cinched.

Wide belt

It was proven to be very popular to wear it with the trousers lately. And let’s not forget it looks absolutely perfect over the coat. However, I particularly enjoy wearing it over the longer relaxed sweater paired with a skirt or trousers in Spring (just as it’s done here)

Which belt your favourite these days? Let me know in the comments below!

Mango blazer
Other Stories boots
KM Trousers
Mango blazer
Other Stories boots
KM Trousers
Mango blazer
Other Stories boots
KM Trousers

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