Everything You Need to Know about Vitamin C Skincare

As a complete Vitamin C skincare virgin, when I first saw marketing campaigns on Instagram about Vitamin C paste, I was in different. I do enjoy finding inspiration on social media, which is getting better and better these days. But I am staying extra cautious, especially about new skincare products. In the end, bad products can bring more harm than good. Or in some cases – no results at all, and goodbye to your hard earned money.

I am constantly on a look out for some sort of advancement in my skincare routine (more about my favourite moisturisers here). Remember you heard something about pigmentation? Well that one started to show up, on my once perfect and even skin tone. But then along comes this little tube of Lixirskin Vitamin C paste, that says it can do it all (you can find it here). I wasn’t sure how to mix serums and I didn’t want to overdose my skin with too many products in one go. So the paste appeared to be like a good product to start with. Additionally, it perfectly fit into my daily skincare routine, because it only needs to be on for 2 mins, whilst I brush my teeth.

First impression, after I tried Lixirskin Vitamic C paste was – “so that’s how the silky skin feels like!”. Skin felt so soft, even softer and smoother than a good old scrub can provide. And finally, more brighter, healthier, illuminated. A month later and the little “freckles” started to fade. Then I realised – I am seriously hooked up now and I want to try more of Vitamin C wonders! Just a little warning. You might experience mild stinging when you try this paste for the first time. But, it only has 10% L Ascorbic Acid and is a wash off product. So the bad reaction is highly unlikely, which gave me a piece of mind at the time.

Active ingredients, such as Vitamin C can be little bit temperamental and building up the tolerance is the key. You MUST to be careful when choosing vitamin C products (always check the percentage)! Most beauticians advise to start at low percentage and build up the tolerance over time. It’s worth the patience though, because it has so much to offer. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which defends the skin from stress, pollution and sun damage. Its acidity triggers production of collagen (more collagen = less wrinkles) and helps to manage the production of the pigment on our skin. With all these promises and seeing it working I couldn’t wait to try more of it.

And so I went one step further. I found these Superactive Capsules from Beauty Pie (you can find them here). I was looking for something that can be used with the skincare products I already have, with no extra fuss. Superactive capsules were exactly it! It should be applied first thing before a regular skincare routine and voilà. The texture is so light, it sinks in instantly and doesn’t feel like layering the skin endlessly. I noticed great results in my skin texture after about few weeks and to be honest, I think I could not give them up. Not for for now at least.

What’s your favourite Vitamin C product? Let me know in the comments below.

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