I’ve Put Together 5 Simple All-White Summer Outfits, So You Don’t Have To

Woman in an all-white summer outfit, wearing black sunglasses

Summer is one the seasons when it is totally appropriate, if not necessary, to wear an all-white outfit head to toe. Well except if you’re attending your friends weddings. And even though we only get a handful of sunny days in London, I have adopted this look soon after the temperatures started to hit high numbers.

There are many reasons to opt for an all-white outfit in summertime and here they are. Firstly, it always looks like you’ve made an effort. Secondly, the neutral, white colour, will never be off the trend – forever classic. Thirdly, it doesn’t require any colour matching skills, because any colour accessories will work well with it. And although, I normally wear black, brown or white accessories with my all-white outfits, pastels would work very well too, if you wish to add a splash of colour.

To share my passion for white colour styling, I have put together 5 very simple and easy all-white summer outfits. Not only can they save the day, when it is sunny outside, but also be an easy solution for those days when there’s nothing to wear. Moreover, three of them even involve the same Frankie Shop white shirt that I’ve been re-wearing with multiple outfits, since I’ve got it last summer. And I have to admit I’m impressed by the quality of it, as I’ve been wearing it for over a year and counting.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the 5 all-white summer outfits that I’m already wearing myself.

White Denim Skirt and Tank top

Linen Trousers and Cotton-Poplin Shirt

Cotton Shirt and Boxer Short Set

White Dress and Cotton Shirt

Linen dress look

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