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After my countless searches on Google “where to clean MaxMara teddy bear coat” which have brought back 0 useful results I felt a bit confused. I thought to myself – is no one else cleaning their valuable items anymore? Did we become one time wear society and toss our clothes after one season? Well, I have no answer, because I can’t speak for everyone. But I know for sure that it’s not how my attitude is working. That’s why I am sharing this information with you. If you are reading this, you must be struggling to find these repair and dry cleaning places too.

Coming from humble beginnings I have appreciation for the things that I buy and I buy them with caution. And most importantly they have to last and work hard for every penny that I spent. So things like saving designer bag for later and not wearing it is not something I would do. Because why waste your money then? Whatever I buy, I wear it now and wear it often – that’s the only way its worth it! I have also dedicated full article about how I get my wardrobe ready for every season which you can find here.

So lets get straight to the point and talk about designer goods aftercare. When you spend £500+ on shoes or splurge on the iconic MaxMara Teddy bear coat you want to make sure the items are in safe hands when they need a repair. You would think local dry cleaners or cobblers sound like an obvious option! But so many times I have collected the items, just to realise they have been damaged forever. I can’t even count number of times I was returned shrunk sweaters and thick soles glued to slim leather soles. So, after extensive research and few years trial, here are my favourite places for dry cleaning and shoe care.

Tbitha simmons for brock collection

Classic Shoe Repairs

There is nothing to hide – I am obsessed with shoes! However, acquiring quite few pairs over some time I realised that I don’t have that much time to be going around all those boutiques to fix every pair. So I needed one good place to take them all in one go, once a year or so. And I found Classic Shoe Repairs. Surprised by the amount of designer boxes I saw in this repair shop, I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t wrong! Not only they are one of the best, but well known by majority of fashion boutiques in London. If you are worried about your precious shoes, this is the best place to go that I know. My shoes always come out just as new and feel absolutely safe to leave them there for a week or two. Be aware that turn around time is not a day or two, usually takes about a week if not longer. It is well worth a wait though.

Scobies Premier Valet Service

I found this fabulous dry cleaning service whilst on a mission to get MaxMara’s Teddy coat cleaned. I was super anxious to ruining it, because I am not over it yet and want to wear it for a few more winters. And if I get it wrong there is no turning back. You can’t fix shrunk wool! No matter what internet says… Now Scobies are my favourite place to take more delicate garments and designer clothing. Impeccable quality for the price and amazing service. Don’t be surprised that the price is slightly higher than your local dry cleaners, but it is reasonable. You can’t really expect someone to carry responsibility for you high value items charging only 5-10£. I don’t own Monclear jacket, but if you do they are specialising in cleaning those jackets too.

Hope that helps! Victoria x


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    The design of your high heel is simple but elegant. I really love it.

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