My 5 Favourite Luxury Designer Pieces This Spring

My 5 Favourite Luxury Designer Pieces This Spring

Every year, when winter comes to an end and sun starts peaking through the windows, I know – it’s time. It’s time, to stop shopping for anything winter collection related and start thinking of those crisp and sunny spring days. And outfits that I’ll want to wear to meet new season. My wardrobe is far from all designer, but every season I treat myself with some luxury pieces to accompany my cost cautious outfits. As far as I can remember, I have always been under the notion to buy less, but better. Even if it meant I will be wearing same pair of loafers for 2-3 seasons, but will feel my very best in them! Scroll for my favourite luxury designer pieces this spring.

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It is No. 1 on my list for a very simple reason. I love to feel stylish even if I’m out for a quick walk, or a supermarket trip. Not only quality leather blazer is a versatile, forever piece, but it can instantly transform the most boring basic look into luxurious one. Just throw it on! It works with everything, even our so beloved tracksuits. I’ve chosen mid-range price point and amazing quality leather blazer from Loulou studio which you can find here.

This Spring designers pleasantly surprised me with bright, fresh colour accessories, which have a potential to boost any monochromatic or neutral outfit like a good dose of vitamins. (Read about my love for b&w outfits here.) It is so easy to add pop of colour to the outfit in a form of a handbag. And not only it will elevate the whole outfit, but the mood as well. Therefore, bright colour handbag is one of my absolute favourites this season. I went for BV Jodi bag, because one, I am obsessed with their green colour and two, because it’s simply gorgeous. You can find it here.

Already famous Prada loafers have been on my favourites list for a while now. And it is only, because they are sold out everywhere, since the day they were launched. So it took a while to hunt them down. I absolutely love their innovative and refreshing take on the timeless classic loafer, thanks to the elevated platform sole. I went for brown colour, because I wanted something completely different rather than a black pair of loafers. Although I wish I would have these in black too.

Although the one I am wearing in the picture isn’t exactly the one I have my eye on right now, but certainly it makes the point about it. The one on my must to buy list is Tiffany & Co Hardware silver chain necklace which you can find here. Chunky and bold chains are so happening right now. I have few in gold metal already, therefore expanding collection to silver just makes sense. I find silver bold chains are mostly suitable for the occasions when you don’t want your outfit to be too loud, but want it to have an edge.

Neon sandals for warm days ahead is another must luxury purchase on my list this season. The Attico’s Devon sandals are definitely the winners for me in this department. You can find them here. The colour chart of these sandals is so much fun, they all come in neon tones and this trend is getting more and more popular by the minute. Same as a bright colourful bag, these are so easy to wear with minimal outfits and if you dare, you can wear them both together.

Tell me about your must haves this Spring in the comments below!

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