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chanel perfume

Personally, I always always enjoy buying new perfume in the different locations or the airports! In fact, I intentionally forget my perfume at home, so I would need one just before boarding the plane to make my dream holiday even more dreamy! But there must be something about it saying – buy me, buy me now, you crazy woman!!! Situation, place, location, uplifting mood, champagne. Everything counts!

Couple of weeks ago I found myself going from store to store trying one perfume after another looking for that fresh yet sophisticated scent, which apparently hasn’t been invented yet. Tried plenty and some I liked, but didn’t buy. Just when I was about to give up, I received an email from Chanel inviting me to attend LES AUX Discovery Workshop in their Covent Garden boutique. To make it even more fun I can bring a guest. Awesome, maybe they will have what I am looking for. It is only for an hour on Sunday – why not! Signed us up immediately!


I may have been a little sceptical at first, as I always am about everything – it turned out to be a lovely experience! We arrived at Covent Garden Chanel’s boutique on Sunday afternoon and were immediately met by their lovely staff. The group of invited guests was really tiny, only six of us in total. That made my day and felt very personal straight away! We have been welcomed with refreshing drinks which have complimented the scents we are about to be introduced to. With our eyes covered we have been taken to the journeys around Normandy, Venice and Basque Coast whilst smelling Chanel perfume. I have to note, that closed eyes indeed strengthen your other senses and makes it so easy to identify separate perfume notes.

chanel perfume

Afterwards, we were taken to another room with the glass of champagne and told the whole story behind their new LES AUX DE CHANEL perfume collection. All stories we have been told throughout first stage started to make perfect sense and it all came together! I have to admit that with the knowledge behind their new collection I felt like I really want to own a little part of that. The whole collection is made of three different scents and they are inspired by three destinations which were very important in Gabrielle Chanel’s life!


The second I smelled Chanel perfume Deauville I knew straight away – I must have it! It is so refreshing, yet sophisticated and super light which I find to be a perfect daily treat. Aside from the amazing scent it has such a fascinating story behind it. Deauville was a first location to enjoy the very first fashion boutique opening in 1913 which was a breakthrough in Gabrielle Chanel’s life when she introduced her first very successful sportswear collection. It is like a fresh start of something super amazing and this is exactly how I feel at this stage of my life.


PARIS-BIARRITZ is just as awesome as the first one. In fact, I bought
to my fiance as a little gift . All smells are unisex which means, I can use his one whenever I like too (smart present!). Although, I did find this particular scent very masculine. But I will definitely try to wear it one of those days when I feel extra powerful. Fast fact – Biarritz location is where Gabrielle Chanel’s first couture house was opened in 1915 after her name was already established in fashion. It becomes clear that the scent being stronger and masculine represents her growth and confidence.


PARIS-VENISE is a complete opposite of both scents, neroli and vanilla makes it sweet and feminine although it seemed to have some sort of secret infiltrated into it. I find it to be an absolutely perfect scent for date nights.


In case you received this invitation too, don’t hesitate and just go! It is the best shopping experience I have experienced so far and I am almost sure anyone would enjoy it. In the end of the session, it is totally up to you whether you like it and want to buy perfume or not. It felt like the top priority of the workshop was to introduce the perfume collection rather than push you into buying one.

Link to the collection in case you are tempted.

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