Safari Inspired Dressing – Your New Season Staple

Summer is in it’s all bloom at the moment. Living in London I do realise that there are only handful of days that can be called proper summertime. However, it also opens up the doors to change outfits like socks and vary between summer and autumn. When I saw Safari inspired dressing on the menu this season, I got excited. The amount of outfits in my head, that can be achieved with just one jacket, was endless. It offers best of both worlds, practicality and femininity.

Safari dressing paired with Chanel dad sandals and jacquemus bag

Safari inspired jackets are like a new fresh wardrobe staple to rotate between our so liked oversized blazers. Perfect for chillier summer evenings, or sometimes rainy days. Those big pockets can also save a hassle carrying a bag, or swap medium one to micro that are so popular these days. It is so easy to achieve high-low dressing as well. You can dress safari jacket up with a pair of heels and simple office trousers for pulled together look. But biker shorts and trainers will instantly transform you for walk in the park.

Safari jacket paired jacquemus bag

If you would like to go an extra mile in safari inspired dressing – go for the full suit (you must know how much I like suits already, read more here). Not only would you have a suit for a runway modern look, but also two separates to mix and match according to the weather. Trousers with simple white tank top and gold necklace, or blazer to go with most loved pair of jeans. And once the autumn comes, you can top it up with a neutral colour trench coat. So it doesn’t have to be just one season item!

Safari dressing paired with Chanel dad sandals and jacquemus bag

This year my home became my office, there were less occasions to rock the formal look. So, I am mainly wearing my safari inspired jacket (similar here) over the pair of knee length tights (similar here) and so called “dad sandals”. And so far, it is one of my favourites this summer when it is warm, but not too warm outside.

Safari dressing paired with Chanel dad sandals and jacquemus bag

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